One of these boxes is not look like the other

Somebody had passed this graphic along from a brochure which is showing the field of studies of the student population. If you scan this visual you may not notice the faults unless you really look for them.

Distribution doesn’t add to 100%

If you add up all the percentages of the distribution you will notice that it doesn’t sum to 100 but actually 101. Going back to the pie chart example, you should always make sure your distribution adds to 100 because anything else doesn’t make sense!

Box sizes have no correlation to proportion of distribution

If you take a look at the grey box for Law you will see that it only is 3% of the distribution but the box is bigger than Engineering at 6% or Business & Communications at 7%. Even with the visual effect of some boxes in front of others the flaw is glaring if you compare the numbers. Why make the Law box bigger when it should actually take up less real estate then others? Was the person a Law student who created this infographic?

An alternative to the above which isn’t as pretty but allows for you to easily scan to see which is the highest to lowest distribution without the need for visual clutter has been mocked up below.

If you have any data visuals, whether good or bad, please send them to me. I enjoy viewing interesting visuals and finding ways to improve them.

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